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75% of my business is from referrals and repeat clients, so the best business decision I can make is to simply stand behind my work. 

You deserve a relevant, insightful conversation about the most pressing issues you are facing right now. If you leave a consultation feeling like I failed to listen to you, or did not helpfully relate your chart to your life, I will refund your fee, no questions asked. 

A big part of astrology is prediction--you're paying for solid, actionable information. I promise to clearly set expectations about how reliable I can be given the information I am given and other factors. I am totally off base in a reading, I will work with you to figure out where I went wrong and try again. 

Horary questions are either right or wrong. If I give you the wrong answer, I want to know so I can learn, and will always thank you for this valuable information with a free horary question. 

Try A Free 10-Minute Intro Chat 

It's getting harder and harder to discern what's legit on the internet, so I set aside time to get to know prospective clients. Intro chats are a good place for prospective clients to ask questions about astrology or my approach to it; voice concerns; or dive into a specific question to get a sense of how I work, and whether my services are a good fit. No risk, no obligation. 


I am a consulting astrologer, mom, martial artist, and Zen practitioner living in Ithaca, NY, where I founded and am chief instructor of an aikido dojo. As in my Zen and aikido practice, I have two goals as an astrologer. I want to hone my craft,  striving for economy and precision, and I want  to share that craft in a way that is relevant. I am not here to wow you with complicated techniques. I am here to relate what's going on in the sky to your life, as clearly and as helpfully as I can. 


I've been studying astrology since 2015, and dedicated myself to a full time practice in 2021. In addition to deep study of traditional astrology, I bring decades of consulting, leadership, and management experience, and a diverse set of life experiences to my practice. Whether you want to find your lost wedding ring; are incorporating astrology into a strategic planning process; or are just feeling stuck, I can meet you where you are, and make astrology work for you. 


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