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I am a consulting astrologer, mom, martial artist, and Zen practitioner living in Ithaca, NY, where I founded and am chief instructor of an aikido dojo. As in my Zen and aikido practice, my goal as an astrologer is to relentlessly cut away at everything in my practice that is not essential, and strive for economy and precision. I am not here to wow you with complicated techniques. I am here to reveal what is, and help you move from consuming astrology as information to developing an astrology practice. 


I've been studying astrology since 2015, and dedicated myself to a full time practice in 2021. My approach to astrology is precise, predictive, and positive, rooted in traditional Hellenistic techniques and a strong belief that astrology works because everything around us is alive with meaning. In addition to deep study of traditional astrology, I bring decades of consulting and managing experience, and a diverse set of life experiences to my practice. Whether you want to find your lost wedding ring; are incorporating astrology into a strategic planning process; or are just feeling stuck, I can meet you where you are, and make astrology work for you. 


Astrology is useful information. It can help you prepare for what lies ahead; align your work with larger cultural forces; provide insight into your purpose; or even help you decide to pursue specific real estate or business transactions. 

My job is to both provide this information, and to help you step into a useful, joyous practice of seeing the world as a living entity that wants your thoughtful participation. That shift in worldview does not require learning thousands of techniques; it can help you ground when the astrology is a little rough; and it has real social and political value right now!


Sometimes, all you need is to know is the answer to a specific question. Is this apartment overvalued? Should I go to school or get a job? Do I need to stay in therapy? Where is my passport? Will my cat come home? Do they love me? Who will win the trial? Asking a horary question like this and getting a concrete, verifiable answer is perhaps one of the most awe-inspiring uses of astrology. 


Whether you want your business or organization's planning efforts to better align with larger cultural forces; are seeking insight into your personality, history, or persistent behavioral patterns; or you want to prepare for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, astrology can help! I offer hour long one-on-one sessions if what you need is the information, as well as more in depth coaching if you need help with motivation or implementation. 


For all the great information astrology can provide, the best uses of astrology rely very little on information, and more on changing your behavior. Being part of a community of practice is a huge help! Simply paying attention to the one planet that is doing most of the heavy lifting for you in any given year, and trying to be the best version of that planet's symbolism that you can be is a powerful way to cut through all the transit talk and horoscopes that fill social media. And working in a group is a great source of inspiration and accountability. 


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