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I am a consulting astrologer, a mom, a martial artist, and a Zen practitioner living in Ithaca, NY, where I founded and am chief instructor of an aikido dojo.


I have been studying astrology since 2015, and dedicated myself to a full time practice in 2021. My approach to astrology is precise, predictive, and positive, rooted in traditional Hellenistic techniques and a strong belief that astrology works because everything around us is alive with meaning. I think that astrology is a great tool for forecasting, strategic planning, and self discovery. I want to help clients develop a healthy, creative relationship with astrology, and by extension, the ensouled, loving universe that makes astrology happen.

I bring years of deep study of traditional astrology, consulting and managing experience, and a uniquely diverse set of life experiences to my practice. I have had jobs ranging from construction and hospitality to tech support, consulting, and executive leadership. I have founded a successful nonprofit, earned a couple of art degrees, and built a solid spiritual practice over decades, encountering many pitfalls along the way. I enjoy a rich and complex family life  that definitely has its share of struggle, and am an accomplished martial artist and teacher.


All this means that I am going to give you a life-centered reading that is genuinely helpful, responsive to your unique needs. I am ready to make astrology work for you. I can empathize with where you are, ask helpful questions, and co-create your best response to fate. 


Astrology is reliably useful information. You can use that information to plan, enhance spiritual practice, deepen self-discovery, or even find out where your lost wedding ring is. Using this information in your daily life is also a powerful way to participate in an ensouled universe that is alive with symbolic meaning. By using astrology, you're seeing the world as a living entity that wants your thoughtful participation. That shift in worldview has real social and political value right now!


We know where the planets are going to be. This means that we can use timing techniques to look at what kinds of topics will dominate the year ahead; where the challenges and ease will be found; and how the year will generally feel. 


Astrology offers both discrete timing techniques that identify moments of opportunity for individuals, and general trends that everybody is likely to feel over years. These helpful strategic tools can be applied to everything from big life decisions to organizational planning sessions and business initiatives. 


Your natal chart is like a karmic roadmap. It offers insight into your history, personality, persistent patterns that come up in your life, and your strengths and challenges. Looking at who you are and where you've been can deepen spiritual practice, enhance self awareness, and serve as a reminder that we are all working through something. 


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