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Make It Your Lucky Day! Quick Horoscopes For The Jupiter Cazimi

Image: Sylvester Stallone's iconic stair climbing scene in Rocky

April 11th, 2023 is the “luckiest day of the year” because that is the day the Sun, which takes one year to move around the zodiac, will meet Jupiter, the planet that signifies luck and abundance. But the larger context of April 11th, it probably won’t feel that lucky! While the Sun likes Aries no matter what, Mars will be responsible for taking care of Jupiter there, and Mars, a/k/a the god of war, is not in amazing shape right now. I’ve been imagining Mars in Cancer, the most nurturing sign, as Joel in the zombie series The Last of Us–an under resourced bad guy years past his prime finding his old dad self on a caretaking mission that could very well kill him. In fact, both of the planets that signify difficulty will be in heavy, emotional water signs. The Moon describes how we might feel, and she will be scaling the cold, rocky cliffs of Capricorn. Venus, the other planet that signifies things we like, will have just left her home sign of Taurus, and entered Gemini, which is fine but a bit of a letdown after yummy Taurus. And when she does this, she will enter a rather intense but productive conversation with obsessive, power-seeking Pluto. So yeah. Jupiter and the sun will conjoin and there will be luck! And it’s looking like the luck is the product of hard work, and might come at an emotional cost.

The good news is that this kind of luck is still luck. Actually, Jupiter loves to deliver payoffs when you have put in the work. I would even go so far as to say that Jupiter functions best when it works within constraints. Jupiter is what astrologers call “benefic,” meaning it describes good things. Good things are good! But unconstrained good becomes excess. So instead of worrying about too much luck, which will be impossible this year, it’s a good idea to ask ourselves what we are working toward. What are we making incremental progress toward every day? What are we training at? This luckiest day of the year is more about seeing the fruits of labor. Mars and Saturn in a helpful relationship while in water signs? That’s a perfect description of weight or resistance training. The Moon in Capricorn may feel lonely, but it gets shit done. Venus and Pluto together might be all about going that extra mile to connect with someone, or connecting with someone in power.

How this looks in your life is a matter of where it’s happening in your chart.

If you are an Aries rising, this so-called “luck” is all the work you’ve been doing to propel you, your brand, your image, or your health forward.

Taurus risings, maybe your spiritual practice, or stepping into your power at work and being valued for it, is going to pay off in the form of a very personal insight

If you’re a Gemini rising, it’s the love you get from a teacher or a legal decision that could bring you good fortune or new friends.

If you’re a Cancer rising, the work you have been doing on yourself, or the way you’ve been taking personal risks, could be recognized publicly.

Leo risings, all the work you have been doing on yourself in relationships could be recognized by an important teacher, or make you into a better teacher

Virgo risings, you know all the literal work you have been doing and perhaps conflict you’ve been facing, and how much you will deserve that windfall or release from debt.

If you are a Libra rising, the literal work you have been doing at your job and in your career could result in a powerful new partnership.

Scorpio risings, you have been learning difficult lessons, at school or perhaps as a parent, that will help you reset a relationship with an employee or perhaps “manage up” to your boss.

If you are a Sagittarius rising, the heavy lifting you’ve been doing at home or with family karma is driving a big creative insight, or resetting your relationship with your kids.

Capricorn risings, slightly expanding the boundaries of life and meeting more interpersonal conflict along the way could be how you are creating your own luck at home.

Aquarius risings, unlike the other signs, luck is more likely to find you on this luckiest day. Keep going on your intense to-do list, while remembering to let joy in.

Pisces risings could get a “windfall” that is the result of deep work with family, taking responsibility for yourself, or protecting your joy.

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