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March At A Glance: Break The Eggs

Image: Fault Lines, 2021, Kate VanVliet. A digital rendering of a kintsugi duck egg created by the artist

March is an interesting month. It sets us up nicely for April, arguably the biggest month of the year, and I don’t have one word for it, but I do have one easy to remember cliché. In March, it will be good to remember that you’ve got to break some eggs to make an omelet. 

The beginning of the month is a good time to get a sense of your “omelet.” What are you trying to make? What’s the future you are trying to create? The first two weeks of the month have a hiccup or two. But for the most part they are a long moment of sustained harmony between idea generation, or the setting of visionary leadership goals, and the rules, structures, and management that one would need to make them real. You might have to sit quietly or fumble around with a blank piece of paper to find it! This opportunity is subtle. Humans have a real bias toward feeling negative things and big things, and the first half of the month is more like a soft, gentle current of positivity. This is just the kind of thing that we are wired to ignore. 

The first suggestion I have for this month is to try to find this harmony between the idea and its implementation that is out there in the air. For some of us it will be as big as a career shift, and for others it will be a smaller task like figuring out how to take better care of yourself, or how to afford something. Get a sense of what you’re working toward–where you need to be a leader. The last week of March and all of April are big, and big astrological weather is easier when you’re engaged and participating in it. 

In the last week of the month, things get more tense. If you’re making an omelet, it will be time to crack the eggs. The problems that inevitably come up when you work to make something happen will come up. Decisions will be made that close some doors, and open others. What felt smooth and elegant when it was an idea might start to feel gritty or weighty as it becomes more real. You might spend the last week of March feeling frustrated, or overworked. Maybe like you are driving with one foot on the brake and one foot on the gas. 

The second suggestion I have this month is to go ahead and break the damn eggs! And ignore anyone who is catastrophizing about the next few weeks, or worse, suggesting that you rest, or hide, or otherwise hold back your participation. The universe wants and needs your participation. A lot of things in life that are important and worthwhile are difficult, and don’t feel good in the moment. The last week of March is a terrible time to hope for ease! But it’s a great time to put in the work, and make things happen.

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