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One Sky: Astrological Weather for September 2021

2021 has a relentlessly simple base line. Reality-checking Saturn in Aquarius will keep grinding away at revolutionary Uranus in Taurus all of this year and much of the next, and in this persistent conflict the very restrictions we keep having to deal with will keep exposing both a need for and a path toward freedom. This pressure will help us envision a new world that will never quite replace the one we lost in 2020, but that could be more equitable and more authentic. This is the way truly radical and enduring change often happens--as a product of necessity. We don’t valiantly crusade for it as much as respond with grace and endurance to circumstances that demand it.

The good news is that September is mostly a vacation from this! Saturn and Uranus are as far away from one another as they’ll get. We get a chance to hear from other planets, and have different conflicts that are shorter in duration. And there are plenty of opportunities to take all these earthshaking 2020-2021 energies and productively channel or assimilate them as each planet moving through Libra makes first a really nice connection with Saturn and then gets into a conflict with Pluto in Capricorn. This is going to give the next couple of months an annoying “kiss me/slap me” vibe, but at least this is a rhythm with two parts. Particularly those of us with a fixed rising sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius) can expect to feel less stagnant pressure and more productive momentum.

Here are the highlights:

Mars and Sun in Virgo v. Neptune in Pisces

Planets in Virgo want clarity, and all planets in Virgo these days move through a standoff against Neptune, the planet that wants to dissolve form, in the formless, oceanic sign of Pisces. The month starts with the merciless editor Mars in Virgo opposing ethereal Neptune in Pisces, and that could manifest for some of us as penetrating insight into a lie, or shooting down a fantasy. It is more likely, though, to feel like a few days of trying to dissect the rain. September 14 it is the Sun’s turn to shoot penetrating rays of insight and purpose into the fog. Clarity will still be elusive, but this might be easier to work with. It’s a good day to go to a museum, stare at the ocean, take a long nap, or otherwise broaden your perspective.

New Moon in Virgo

All New Moons are the beginning of a story, and this New Moon on September 6 wants us to start a story that’s true. In Virgo, we are meant to find truth through an analytical process of separating the wheat from the chaff. This accounting process could help Uranus in Taurus articulate a more embodied truth about a part of life that could be more authentic. At the same time, cutting Mars is amplifying that Virgoan search for truth and giving an assist to Pluto, the ruler of all our hard truths like core wounds, inner children, and birthing pains. There’s a lot of help finding truth in this New Moon, and of course there’s a conflict. Some of us might find it difficult to handle how telling the truth makes other people feel. For others, our sense of propriety could keep us from becoming truth tellers at all. It’s a good time to write down every single thing our minds, bodies, and souls know to be true. Then write down every single person, relationship, or fear that makes it impossible to live that truth all the time. Anybody who wants extra credit can write a plan to resolve these two lists.

Then mark the calendar. We have until the Full Moon in Virgo on March 17, 2022 to make our truths true!

Mercury Retrograde

Three times a year Mercury pulls a lot of focus by appearing to slow down, stop, move backward, stop again, and then retrace its steps again in the sky. This is likely to manifest in your life as a series of delays, connectivity issues, rewrites, redos, and anything else that begins with “re.” Start paying attention to this September 6. At the New Moon, as Mercury steps onto the path it will ultimately go over three times. It will start going back over all this material September 27. Then it will move forward and retrace its steps a third time starting October 18. The next time it will cover new territory is November 2. It’s a good time to choose writing, reading, research, or other Mercurial projects that could use extra time to gestate, three rounds of edits, or do-overs… like writing down everything that’s true.

Venus in Scorpio | Mars in Libra

Venus moves out of her delicious domicile of Libra and into the sign of her detriment, Scorpio, September 11, and September 15 Mars will move out of Virgo and into the sign of his detriment, Libra. This really might feel bad--the things we want to aggressively get to the bottom of are going to feel particularly tender, and the things we want to be diplomatic and gentle about are going to turn into fights. Amplifying this, Venus will be squaring Saturn in Aquarius September 17, and then getting into an opposition with Uranus on September 23. At best, this is a week-long opportunity to get very vulnerable about what this Saturn-Uranus square is doing to your life. Let’s all remember during this week that a lot of people are going to be deeply in touch with some difficult change. Be kind.

Full Moon in Pisces

All Full Moons are the culmination of a series of events that started about 6 months ago during a New Moon. So on September 20, we can each think back to an outrageously beautiful little seed that was planted around March 13, 2021 that was grand, or going to deliver us from everything. This seed might have been part of how we imagined our lives were going to be rebuilt once the pandemic is “over,” and there might have been an element of fantasy, or an overestimation to the intentions we each set at that time that might be funny in hindsight… such as the notion that the pandemic will end. For this Full Moon, perhaps we can see the fantasy, deception, or boundless optimism that started us down this path for the necessary push it was, thank it, and leave it behind. And maybe there’s an opportunity to clearly articulate why this path is still a good, transformative one, even though it’s less diamond encrusted and more of a hard hat zone than what we imagined.

Libra Season

Mercury has been in Libra for awhile now, and will be here for awhile yet as it retrogrades here all fall. Mars will join Mercury here September 15, as will the Sun on September 22. So, what’s Libra about? Relationships. Getting along. Empathy. The change of seasons, which here in the northern hemisphere means the days getting shorter and the air getting crisper. It’s a time to start things, take action, get your pencils lined up and go back to school. And Libra is the domicile of Venus, so it’s about beauty and pleasure, but it’s an air sign so the pleasures are mental rather than sensual. Maybe it’s productive to imagine this Libra season as a time when that push to make a new life after the destruction of 2020 can actually move forward. In fits and starts. With some revisions, misunderstandings, and do-overs. Understanding that there’s still a long road ahead

Your Sky—Rising Sign Horoscopes


You have a lot of clarity around your habits, routines, and health right now… and in the first half of the month those good habits could slip periodically into bad habits like shit talking, day drinking, or a fight against an enemy that never quite materializes. If you can articulate the truth that is revealed by healthy habits or service to others, you might open up a path to the financial freedom you’re looking for, and see how your career might have to die and be reborn. September 20, take a minute to remember a retreat or a spiritual or psychological journey you embarked upon in early spring that you thought would be ideal alone time, but turned out to be a lot more about other people than your own solitude. What are you getting instead of the solitude you craved?


You created something or someone amazing, and are finding that this child is getting lost in the crowd, or your art is getting misinterpreted, or your sense of your own creativity is dissolving in the pressures of your social life. Keep trying to articulate this creative truth anyway! If you can articulate exactly what you want to do as a creator, you’re going to gain insight into how you have been needing to get free lately, and how this need for freedom has broken down your beliefs. Be kind and patient with yourself September 17-23, and don’t make rash decisions! Your marriage or key business partnerships might feel unsafe. It’s better to write down how you feel and revisit the issue in October. September 20, take a minute to remember a fantasy you had about belonging or being embraced by an audience, and how this wound up leading to a lot of hard work that is changing your career. In what ways is this long term makeover of your life’s work better, if harder, than developing an audience or belonging to a group?


There is a lot going on at home or with your parents right now, and your precision here might provide penetrating insight into the possibility that you’re indulging in fantasy or being deceived about your career path. Even if that insight remains elusive, keep working to articulate exactly what is true at home, with your parents, or more generally “at root.” This could help you integrate an annoying part of your blind spot that you’ve been seeing lately, and this in turn could help you process a significant loss, cut your anxiety, or get a handle on your obligations. September 20 is an opportunity to reflect on a dream you had about how you thought your career would go, and how this dream is actually requiring a deep commitment to education, travel, or a teacher. Can you commit fully to this new chapter now that it’s a quest?


You could be learning a new skill, or updating your website, or attending to your extended family, and this focus and care might be frustrated by the allure of travel, or you might find yourself in the hands of a “guru” that isn’t helping you. Even in the fog of early September, keep focusing on these matters of skill, communication, and your immediate environment. Practicing radical honesty with your extended family, neighbors, or siblings could really clarify where you belong, or help you see a truth you might not want to see about your closest relationships. September 20, think back to March and how you thought everything would magically resolve itself if you could just get out of town. Perhaps getting away brought more obligations than resolutions, or perhaps just did more to raise your credit card bill than it did to magically erase a year plus of lockdown. In what ways was having to pay, literally or figuratively, for your freedom worth it?


You have a sharp eye on your finances and are ready to make bold decisions! But until the middle of the month you’ll muddle through a lack of clarity around your partner’s resources, your taxes, or a more karmic set of obligations and anxieties. Keep telling yourself the truth about your resources and what you are worth! This is likely to illuminate a big career change you have been itching to make, and it might also expose deeper issues with your job, or the impact work has been having on your health. Be kind and patient with yourself September 17-23, and maybe give family members a heads up because you might feel quite vulnerable as you realize the impact all the big career changes you’re planning will have on your home life. September 20 is a good time to think back to all the amazing things you thought you were going to be able to do with an inheritance, tax refund, or now that your partner has a new job. Did your grand plans for that windfall get ground down in a lot of negotiations with your partner, or a slow recognition that your help is needed in a support role? If so, what are you getting out of sharing your gains, or being someone’s rock for a little while?


It is your time! You might be feeling particular clarity about who you are and where you are going, and finding that this insight is totally lost on the people most important to you. If you can keep accounting for yourself, your identity and your direction, you are likely to better understand the way your beliefs have been shifting lately, and how your creative life or your ability to have fun has been facing some deep transformation. September 20 you might take a moment to reflect on the way you dove into a new relationship this spring, or radically rediscovered romance in a marriage, or fell into a work partnership that felt too good to be true. In what ways did this romantic fantasy reveal itself as a daily commitment that takes consistent work? And in what ways is that working out well, in the way Ursula K. Leguin imagined love when she said, “Love… must be made, like bread, remade, all the time, made new?”


Whether or not it’s on your radar, there’s a lot going on in your spiritual or psychological depths right now. And all this potential for deep growth is throwing itself into the oceanic depths of... your to-do list. You have one of the hardest challenges this month, Librans! If you manage to resist the siren song of endless work and be radically honest with yourself about what you are using work to hide from, you could actually free yourself from the obligations that no longer make sense, and learn from the implosion and death that marked your family in 2020. September 20, take a moment to reflect back on a time in March when you embarked on a new job, health regime, or habit that was going to cure everything for you and everybody else. In what ways has this job or regime strained your creativity, or turned into a sustained challenge to your joy? And in what ways is this focus on painstakingly remembering to have fun better for you than the routine that magically fixes everything?


Your friendships, memberships, and sense of belonging are a keen area of focus right now, and the time it takes to cultivate relationships will be running up against the timeless feeling of creative flow, new relationship energy, or quality time with your kids. Don’t resist this joy--you are the only sign that is positioned to enjoy the first half the month! But remember to be clear and honest with yourself about where you belong and who your friends are. This could yield insight into why you cannot help but demand total authenticity in your more committed relationships, and the way your extended family, siblings, or neighborhood might be in a painful process of breakdown and transformation. Be gentle with yourself September 17-23 because you might feel quite unsettled about all the change happening in your home or with your parents. It’s better to write about how you feel now, and decide whether you’re going to address it in October. September 20, think back to a creative vision or a plan you made with your children in early spring, and how it might have felt simple in the moment but has turned into a big family project, investigation of your past, or a grinding home renovation. Are there elements of this big task that are even better than the dreamy creative vision?


Your career path or public persona are in clear focus! And unfortunately this clarity could be dissolving into, rather than being supported by, your home or family. This feeling of being misunderstood or unsupported at home will pass! Keep focusing on what is true in your career. This will help you better understand this need you’ve had to be free of your job, employees, or some other aspect of the daily grind. And it will also give you some insight into a very deep message your net worth has been trying to tell you about your self worth. September 20 it’s a good time to reflect upon a fantasy you had about perfecting some aspect of home and family back in March, and how what really happened might have entailed a lot of incremental work with your siblings or extended family, or moving someplace new, or dealing with difficult neighbors.


You are crystal clear on your beliefs, but until mid-month your ability to communicate those beliefs is not to be trusted! That’s okay. Don’t worry about anybody else and just write down what you believe, what your rules are, where you want to go, what you want to study. If you can articulate these truths for yourself, you might get some clarity about a creative project, or a deep need you’ve been feeling to find your joy. This can’t help but deepen the psychological work, or need to transform your attitude, that has been staring you in the face. September 20, you might take a minute to reflect on a very mundane dream you had in March about a new website, a newsletter, or a new skill you want to attain, and how that dream ran into the very real needs of incrementally rebuilding your bank account. In what ways are you still holding on to this dream? Can you invest in it more incrementally?


You have total clarity about a tax situation or a debt, or an obligation that you are managing to show some good leadership about, but somehow this clarity around what you owe is confusing you about your own bank account. This fog will clear by mid-month, and a clear accounting of what you owe others, literally and karmically, could help you understand why you’re demanding total authenticity from your parents or at home. It could also positively reframe a lot of deep psychological work you’ve been either undertaking or, quite possibly, avoiding. Be kind to yourself September 17-23, because you might feel insecure about your life direction, relationship with family, and career goals… and how those intersect. And September 20, you might think back to mid-March when you were waving a magic wand over your finances. In fact, this dream about resources turned into a bunch of disciplined work on yourself, your identity, and your life direction. In what ways is this continued emphasis on you better than focusing on what you have?


You’re being asked for a lot of clarity from a spouse or business partner, and you simply do not have it to give until mid-month or so. It’s okay if this generates conflict! But do your best not to respond to that conflict by dissembling. This is important because knowing what is true in your relationships is going to help you over the next six months. It could lead to a better understanding about a situation with your siblings, neighborhood, or extended family that you really need to get free from. And it could help you figure out where you belong, or who your friends are. September 20, you might think back to a new direction you embarked on, or a new look, or a new identity you took on, and how it felt so right and easy and “you,” but it became a sustained look at your psychological depths or spiritual life. Is this deeper project a better fit for this moment than a quick decision about who you are?

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