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Quickie Cazimi Lord of the Year Horoscopes

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Image: Sarah Sze, Triple Point, Installation View

While any Mercury retrograde can be frustrating because it is all about very straightforward things becoming backward-looking and intense, frustrating does not equal bad. It can be a very good thing to have quick things slow down and require extra review, extra iterations, or extra consensus building. This is particularly true right now–we are living through the best possible case scenario for a Mercury retrograde. Mercury is in the place it has the most power in all the zodiac. It avoids direct contact with Saturn and any contact at all with Mars. And this strong, in-charge Mercury is being helped by solid, stabilizing Jupiter in Taurus.

This Mercury retrograde is a great time to make real steps forward, and then backward, then forward again in a better way toward a substantive, long term goal. And today is a great time to look up from what you are doing, and might be frustrated about because Mercury is retrograde, and go “Oh! That’s what I am doing!”

Here’s one idea about how that flash of insight might be playing out.

Every month features way too many transits. Lord of the year horoscopes help you focus on only the moments that are impacting you the most, and can be read alongside any other horoscope you’re into. You’ll need to know which planet your lord of the year is. You can use this handy annual profections calculator; book an annual forecast reading with me, this is a timing technique that I rely on heavily; or just email me your birth date, time, and location–I am happy to tell you your lord of the year for free.

If you are in a Moon year, you might find yourself asking for bullet points instead of a dissertation about someone else’s Mercury retrograde process. You are probably onto something, but this feedback may or may not be welcome.

If you’re in a Sun year, you are the flashlight that is being shone on the problem. You might have a skill or a perspective that changes everything for someone, and hint hint, that light might have to do with love, beauty, art, or another Venusian matter.

If you are in a Mercury year, you have been working furiously and effectively in the dark. Get ready for the lights to come on. Listen today for missing information, help, or good news. Look on the ground for that missing puzzle piece. Let this cazimi come to you.

If you are in a Venus year, listen carefully for a voice of moderation or some questions about the budget today. Any constraints or questions about the fine print that reach your ears are helping you refine what could be an excessive retrograde process.

If you are in a Mars year, keep focusing on doing Mars in Libra well. Knowing how to access your force and beauty or diplomacy at the same time is going to come in handy later in the month, and this cazimi might not even be about you.

If you are in a Jupiter year, you might find yourself offering substantial help, giving practical resources to others so they can work, holding a leadership vision, or otherwise having a lot to give. Give it freely!

If you are in a Saturn year, you might be the one holding the impressionistic sketch of how the next three years or so might go, and waiting for those around you to transform that sketch into an actionable, affordable plan.

Astrology is complex, every chart is unique, and the whole month is so great for planning, so ripe for positive, thoughtful steps forward, that I decided to have a flash sale. Take 25% off all readings using the coupon code SWEETSEPTEMBER until Venus leaves shadow October 6.

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