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September 2023 Horoscopes: Little Things Mean A Lot

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Image: Installation Detail, 2013 US Pavillion at the Venice Biennale by Sarah Sze. Photo credit: Gianni Cipriano

September is all about taking deliberate steps forward, making good choices, and generating solid, lasting momentum. Take advantage of this great planning weather with 25% off readings until Venus leaves shadow October 6. Enter coupon code SWEETSEPTEMBER at checkout

The thing about September is that it has the potential for grandness, but not necessarily because a bunch of sweeping, grand gestures will happen. The Sun will be in Virgo most of the month, and in the northern hemisphere where I am, it’s time to line up your pencils, choose your back to school outfits, and do all the other little detailed rituals you do to end summer and get serious about fall. The main storylines are about Mercury and Venus, two fast-moving planets that rule a lot of day to day activity. Mercury is data, bank statements, emails and texts, plane tickets, transactions, games, conversation, information. We spend the bulk of our lives in a Mercurial sandbox--that's life in the "information age!" Venus is another constant–relationships. We are social animals, and Venus rules everything from your love life to the importance of being pleasant to the person who takes your coffee order. The grandness, innovation, and surprise that is possible in September are likely to be found in these mundane aspects of life. Jupiter, the planet of growth and abundance, will contact both Venus and Mercury in a deeper way than usual. Both Venus and Mercury will also run into that crazy rebel Uranus–the planet that symbolizes things like sudden changes, or the drive toward authenticity. And the Sun will move through lovely, productive conversations with both Jupiter and Uranus as well. The peak expression of t

his will be a grounded, radically detail oriented new Moon in Virgo on the 14th.

It is the kind of month in which we could really make mountains out of molehills in an unhelpful way–it would be wise to watch for that. But with a little discernment on our parts about what truly matters, the best case scenario is that we make molehills into mountains in a really productive way. Little things can genuinely take on larger, more innovative meaning this month. Some of us might find that this potential shows up as particularly effective actions, or particularly authentic interactions. Some of us will write or receive a very important email, or some of our social media activity might take on a somewhat electric, authentic, or radical quality. Venus stations direct at the beginning of the month, so any deep rethinking about things like relationships or appearance is going to start turning into a path forward. And while Mercury is appearing to move backwards until mid-month, we could also frame this Mercury retrograde positively. It is also true that Mercury is spending a lot of extra time in the most powerful and protected place he could be! In a way that cleverly threads the needle to avoid serious difficulty! In a long and positive relationship to stabilizing, lucky Jupiter! This is not

sugarcoating. We are experiencing the best Mercury retrograde you could really get. It’s likely to be quite effective, but not straightforward.

Are there downsides? Of course. Mars, the god of war, will be uncomfortable in Venus’ sign of Libra all month, and will host a full Moon in Aries September 29th that desperately wants to be a bold and assertive reveal but could come off as passive aggressive or too diplomatic to be understood. This should not stop us from enjoying all the good stuff that can come out of September! It’s a good time to ask ourselves questions like which relationships we can trust? What’s working in our lives? What incremental steps are we taking toward a more abundant and authentic life?

Lord of The Year Horoscopes

Every month features way too many transits. Lord of the year horoscopes help you focus on only the moments that are impacting you the most, and can be read alongside any other horoscope you’re into. You’ll need to know which planet your lord of the year is. You can use this handy annual profections calculator; book an annual forecast reading with me, this is a timing technique that I rely on heavily; or just email me your birth date, time, and location–I am happy to tell you your lord of the year for free.

Years ruled by the Moon are often briskly paced. The Moon changes sign every 2.5 days, and makes a complete turn around the zodiac once a month, making way too many connections to other planets to meaningfully list here. In September, pay particular attention to the new Moon in Virgo September 15th, and the full Moon in Aries, September 29th. All new Moons are the beginning of a story, or a chance to plant a new seed. For you, the chances of you gestating something; nurturing a community; working ritually; or working actively as a mother, with your mother, or on the topic of motherhood literally or figuratively is… well, it’s excellent because these are all lunar themes. The opportunity for you this new Moon is to nurture, ritualize or nurture something ana

lytical or detail-oriented that is positively assisted by technology; is particularly radical, all the way down to the way it crosses its t’s and dots its i’s; or that forces you to be more authentic in a very practical way. In contrast, the full Moon in Aries on September 29th is tricky. It is perhaps best thought of as a peak experience or the ending of a story that’s all about the art of war. You might find a diplomatic but forceful way to end a project or sever a tie; or turn a forceful action into a beautiful one. Just be careful not to collapse into passive aggressiveness, or that uniquely corrosive anger that comes out of centering everybody else’s needs at the expense of your own. The Moon moves too fast for this, but do try to rest up a little in this nice month of September for eclipse season next month, which will have you running.

If you are in a Sun-ruled year, you would also do well to rest up for eclipse season next month… but it is not likely that you’ll be able to because the Sun is a key player in the stories of September! When the Sun is in Virgo, it wants to shine a light on facts and details, analyze situations, and find the truth of the matter. The Sun’s innate desire to seek a higher power will be grounded and focused like a laser beam by Mercury’s co-presence in Virgo. It’s a good time to look for the divine right where you are! You will be particularly impacted by the Sun and Mercury coming together, and the intense burst of mental (and for you perhaps spiritual) clarity that brings, on September 6th. The

next day, the Sun starts moving into a very productive dialogue with Jupiter in Taurus, which you will feel through September 10th. This moment could manifest as you stepping up to lead something in a better direction; expressing your vision; a moment of faith; or just having a great time as a father or with your father. September 14th through the 17th, the Sun will then move into another productive conversation with that crazy uncle of planets, Uranus. This could show up as anything from a technological insight to a vision from god, and what’s interesting is the way the Moon gets in on this action and gives you the opportunity to make this ephemeral insight or epiphany into something real during the new Moon September 15th. Either take very good notes or practice nonattachment to all that groundedness and clarity you are discovering in the Virgo part of your life! On September 19th every lumen of clarity will temporarily wash away and get replaced by confusion, trickery, dissociation, or fantasy as the Sun opposes Neptune. The best thing to do might be to just plan one last day at the beach, or otherwise play hooky. The Sun trades all the spreadsheets and Vestal Virgins of Virgo for the intellectual beauty and diplomacy of Libra September 23, and the last thing that should be on your radar is that full Moon September 29th. You’re likely to be pla

ying the role of guiding light in what could be a passive aggressive “nonconflict” or a creative act of diplomacy.

If you are in a Mercury ruled year, how is your Mercury retrograde going? It is a productive one, if not straightforward, and I hope you are taking advantage of the opportunity to work deeply, if not quickly, on planning, editing, communicating, or organizing something that is detail-oriented, analytical, grounded, and revolutionary. Mercury will be in a very helpful relationship to Jupiter the first week of the month. You might find that what comes out of your retrograde projects translates to a broad audience well; is particularly useful; or points you to a broader scope of work. This is particularly true during the mid-way point of the retrograde September 6th. This

meeting of Mercury and the Sun is often experienced as an “a-ha” moment, and with that extra push of luck and growth Jupiter is lending, it could be more like an “AH-HA!!!” moment for you. Mercury stations direct on September 15th, and at this time you might find yourself moving back over the same work but with more momentum and less of a sense that you’re feeling your way in the dark. September 23-27th, Mercury meets Jupiter for the third and final time. This could show up for you as good news, a helping hand, or as a burst of forward momentum. Then at the end of the month, starting September 29th and intensifying into early October, Mercury meets innovative Uranus for a third and last time this retrograde cycle. You might find at this time that whatever you’ve been working on gets a technological boost, or has a different application than what you originally imagined. You might also find that you’ve been working not just in a factual way, but in a particularly authentic way this whole Mercury retrograde, and that this authenticity shakes things up for the better.

For those of you a Venus year, the big news is Venus stationing direct in Leo September 4th. Not unlike the Mercury retrograde, this Venus retrograde ha

s been radical and disruptive, but overall pretty positive, because it has had little input from Mars and Saturn, consistent help from the Sun and lucky Jupiter, and a consistent "chaotic neutral" vibe imparted by that crazypants Uranus. At the beginning of the month, you may find yourself wrapping up an assessment of your relationships, appearance, art, or other aesthetic matters, and beginning a process of implementing new aesthetic or relational ways of being. The best part, as well as the achilles heel, of this moment is the persistent contact Venus has been getting from Jupiter since August. This connection between Venus and Jupiter will peak September 16-18, and persist until September 21st or so. You could find real abundance in relationships and beauty; an affirming visionary insight into your relationships, art, or appearance; or the luck that it takes to meet the right people. Just be aware that you could be susceptible to too much of a good thing. Just as Venus moves out of this conversation with Jupiter on September 21, she begins a very helpful, if not quite fully realized, dialogue with Mars, who is not at his best in Venus’ sign of Libra and needs help. You might experience this as increased drive, or being able to help neutralize a conflict. September 25th through the end of the month, Venus makes her third and final contact with Uranus. This is not a great time to get plastic surgery, buy an expensive item of clothing, or a tattoo. But it is a great time to speak your truth in a way that is likely to be heard; experiment with style as long as you’re doing it with low, experimental stakes; or make bold and assertive art.

If you are in a Mars year, the good news is that you are no longer locked in an opposition with Saturn in Pisces. The second piece of good news is that you have relatively little action until the end of the month, and so have an opportunity to act without a whole lot of external pressure. Taking a moment to productively relate to Mars’ uncomfortable position in Libra is a good use of this free time. Mars feels a little like a bull in a china shop here, and the worst case scenario is spending about six weeks being way more resentful or passive-aggressive than you usually are. Another way to handle this time is to make a practice of consciously pairing beauty and force. It’s a good moment to pick up any sport that you find beautiful; study a martial art; dance or otherwise make art with your body; or go get ripped and post a lot of gym selfies. By feeding Mars in Libra both the power and the beauty it needs right now, you are setting yourself up both to receive the help Mars will be getting from Venus all month, and for things to heat up later as the Sun joins Mars in Libra September 23. Pay particular attention to the way you are bringing force and beauty or diplomacy together during the full Moon in Aries September 29th. You might find that you’re in a position to be a forceful diplomat; or a martial artist, as opposed to a fighter. Remember that it is far, far better to be these things, even if

they are difficult, than it is to simmer in your own resentment because you can’t quite seem to figure out how to get your needs met.

If you are in a Jupiter year you are likely to have a lot of luck, abundance, growth, and love to give this month–and you should give it freely! Focusing on how much you have to give is a great way to avoid your only potential pitfall this month, which is overindulgence. Jupiter has been and will continue to be in a largely helpful dialogue with Venus until September 21 as she stops still, and starts moving forward again, slowly at first, after a forty-day retrograde. While this could show up simply as too much of a good thing, there is real potential for you to be just the person someone needs, or to help someone’s art, or be a loving leader. September 2–8 is a particularly powerful we

ek for you to be a force for good. In addition to that long connection with Venus, Jupiter has a very positive influence on both the Sun and Mercury in Virgo, and does great things for the Mercury cazimi, or the flash of insight that comes when Mercury backs into the Sun, on September 6. You might just be the one providing the new perspective, puzzle piece, or faith that brings that flash of insight. Or you might be acting as a leader, bringing resources or support that makes the insightful work of others better. If you feel like you have more to give this situation, don’t worry–you get another chance. Jupiter will be providing one last helpful push after Mercury stations direct September 23–25. Throughout this month, remember to look for specific opportunities to support and uplift others, and you cannot go wrong!

If you are in a Saturn year, you get a break in September–there are no real Saturn transits to speak of. This is a good thing because July and August featured plenty of hard Saturnian moments, including an intense opposition to Mars. One of the features that makes September really nice is a relative lack of input from both Saturn and Mars. A good way to take advantage of this relative lack of engagement could be to just feel into what these Saturn years, because of course they come in twos, have been all about for you, and what to make of dry, cold, pessimistic Saturn in th

e watery, optimistic sign of Pisces. Saturn years can be a good time to go your own way and build toward your long term future. Are you doing this in a way that doesn't quite go all the way to isolating? Will your loved ones be able to come back later? Saturn years can also be a good time to accept the wisdom and gravitas that comes with age and experience. What have you been committed to for a long time, and developing expertise in? Can you accept your gravitas and wisdom without collapsing into feeling older than your years? Lastly, Saturn years are a good time to set an incredibly difficult goal and work incrementally toward its attainment. What are you feeling ambitious about, and what are you doing to work toward that ambition? The good thing about Saturn’s presence in Jupiter’s sign of Pisces is the way difficult states like isolation and determination can be held in a more flowing, accepting, graceful way. Is there something you are white-knuckling, simply because you’re in a Saturn period, that you can handle with a little more ease? Is there a structure you are trying to erect that could benefit from more of a tensegrity approach than a brick wall approach? Is there a way to share all that wisdom and gravitas you’re consolidating? Are you building for a future that you want?

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