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You're Perfect

Image: James Lee Byars, a conceptual artist who did some great work about perfection

I am taking a short step back from the relentless churn of horoscope writing to reconfigure some parts of my business… but I wanted to touch base and let you know that you are already perfect. Whole. Enough. Not because you are constantly trying to fix yourself, or because you're acting the right way, but because you’re you. Your challenges and rough spots and even your most human, most predictable, regrettable patterns and all. 

I have seen a substantial increase in clients telling me that a healer or astrologer told them that there is something wrong with them. And I am an astrologer, so I am going to astrologize about that momentarily. It is more important, however, to be clear and tell every single person who follows my work that astrology is not about figuring out your own or anybody else’s red flags, and that it is not good practice for astrologers to tell you what’s wrong with you. One of the most important things astrology can do is help anybody see that you are a perfect manifestation of the universe unfolding in time. There might be a lot to accept! I sure have a couple of self-acceptance projects grinding along at all times. But there is nothing to fix. Nothing to run away from. 

As a human who suffers myself; a consulting astrologer; and as a meditation teacher, the person I rely on most heavily for this message is Charlotte Joko Beck, whose deep and rigorous body of work I tend to summarize for myself by imagining her touching my hand and saying, “I know you’re suffering. And I know you’re okay.” The work of polishing your own spirit is never about fixing a broken spirit. It is about uncovering what has always been there, all along. 

I bring this up because one big astrological theme of 2024 is the inexorable movement of Saturn, or “the reality principle,” toward an eventual meeting with Neptune, whom you could describe as both enlightenment itself and the thousands of delusions that come up on the path to enlightenment, in the spiritual depths of Pisces. At the same time, Pluto’s entrance into Aquarius this week for most of the rest of the year could bring an increase in using social media to control people and consolidate power. Both Saturn and Pluto love responsibility taking, and Neptune’s presence requires it. There has never been a better time to sit with your challenges and shadows with grace, and wait for moments of acceptance to slowly emerge! There has never been a better time to start the hard, incremental work of owning the fact that you are perfect, just as you are. 

And at the same time, we are also at a moment of peak conspirituality grift. There have never been more people trying to profit from your suffering. There has never been a better time to sell self-hatred. And it has never been harder to be understood as a well-meaning consulting astrologer using social media to do outreach. I am slowing down my production of content because the moment demands way more clarity and care from folks like me. So for right now, all I have to say is that I love you, and that you are perfect. Don’t work with anybody who needs you to be broken to do their work. Ask yourself whether anybody you consult is going to come from a loving place. And don’t hesitate to let me know how this or anything else I write or say lands. It will never be my intention to say that you're anything but whole and perfect. And if I can say that more clearly, I will always want to know.

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