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Asking a horary question is a particularly concrete form of prayer. You ask a question, I pull a chart at the time that I have read and understood the question, and interpret the useful, verifiable information that's in the chart. 


As long as you truly want to know the answer, and are asking about something you have a real stake in, you can ask about almost anything. Horary astrology is quick and incisive, and is often more useful than natal or electional astrology. Within two business days, you can get an external perspective on a problem; verification of a hunch; help making a decision; or even help locating a lost object.

When should I launch this project? 

Will my cat come home? 

Will I get the job? 

Good horary questions are specific, urgent, and they directly impact you. If you need help crafting your question, email me for free assistance. 

Horary astrology is shockingly accurate. Astrologers like myself, however, are fallible humans doing our best. If the answer you receive turns out to be inaccurate, let me know! This is how I learn. I will be grateful for the feedback, and give you a free question. 


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Thanks for your trust. I might be in touch with follow up questions.


Most horary questions are completed the next business day. If you don't receive a response within 2-3 days, check your spam folder or email me to follow up



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