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Horary astrology provides specific answers to specific questions, using a chart set for the time the question is understood by the astrologer. You can ask almost anything that has a specific answer!


Here are some good examples of horary questions:

Does he love me? 

Where is my lost object? 

Will my cat come home? 

Will I get the job? 

Who will win the contest/trial/sporting event?

I am currently studying horary astrology with John Frawley. At this stage of my apprenticeship, I am answering questions for a suggested donation of $35, but can accept any dollar amount between $1 and $100. 

Until February 1, 2024 I will be donating all proceeds from horary questions to Doctors Without Borders, a nonprofit providing needed medical care in Gaza. Use this form or email a donation receipt to get started. 

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Thanks for submitting! I might be in touch with follow up questions. If you don't receive a response within 3 days, check your spam folder or email me. I will resend. 

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