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Let The Good Things Be Good

Image: Vintage illustration of Jack And The Beanstalk

Eclipse season is just about in the can and Mars and Saturn, the two planets that describe challenges, are moving slowly away from one another. It’s time to check in briefly about the rest of the month. 

Instead of overwhelming readers with an eye-glazing list of transits, I try to distill the astrological weather into one useful idea. And for the rest of the month, I think the single most useful mantra might be let good things be good. I say this because humans are wired to pay far more attention to what’s bad than what’s good. One of the most underrated and reliable uses of astrology is to give us humans, who are always scanning for threats, a heads up about the things we miss–the nice stuff like opportunities, sweetness, and ease. 

Not everything is going to be good for everybody! I am not making a breathless, empty astrological promise that your life is going to change into something grand. But there’s a real opportunity in the second half of April to smell the flowers that will continue into May. And starting right about now, in some part of our lives, something that is already good, already grounded, already comfortable and abundant, is going to get zapped by a lightning bolt of random opportunity, innovation, authenticity, or impulsiveness. Be on the lookout for an idea that will make a good thing better; or a desire to give in to what you already know to be easy and true. And if you find something, know this moment for what it is. Nothing amazing is going to manifest in front of your eyes! Rather, you may be planting a seed this month that you will have to tend and nurture and grow over time. 

Let the things that are good be good. Let them speak to you. Turn toward them, and just gaze lovingly and openly. Don’t problematize the good things, or wait for the other shoe to drop, or analyze the good thing until it falls apart in your hands, or tune in to some inner voice that says you don’t deserve the good thing. Maybe I haven’t listed your particular go-to strategy for pooping in your soup, but you know what I mean! Everybody has a strategy for ensuring that they can’t have the good thing. And my one piece of advice for the next few weeks is to name that strategy, and notice it when it comes up, and ask it nicely to take a step back so you can enjoy the good thing. 

Just let the good things be good right now, and trust that right now, paying attention to the good will not make bad things happen. Some people will simply have a more enjoyable spring by taking this advice. Others will initiate a chain reaction of abundance and joy in some small part of their life. Still others will notice it happening for someone else and be in a good position to help. And a few of us, particularly those with Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius rising signs, will find themselves planting some kind of magic bean that will grow into a huge beanstalk, if we are paying attention and are open enough to just put the magic bean in the ground and water it. 

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