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One Sky For October 2022: On Endurance

This fall finds us in the “home stretch” of an extraordinary arc of change that began with lockdowns in March of 2020 and should, all in all, take a little more than three years to fully play out. This home stretch will be the longest home stretch ever! It will last through the spring of 2023 with little aftershocks, as well as real payoffs, the rest of next year. But it really is the last big push. October begins with Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus very close but not quite perfectly square, and it ends with a partial solar eclipse in Scorpio. November has similar features, but with a twist that we will go into next time.

That’s a considerable amount of destabilization in three of the four signs that are all about stabilizing things, and therefore do not like change. If you are engaged in an extraordinary feat of endurance, trying to change the unchangeable, or holding on tighter and tighter to something that feels like it is falling apart, that would make sense!

We've talked so much about all this pressure on the fixed signs that rather than cleverly describe transits this month, I want to reflect on what endurance tests give us. Fall is more of the same endurance test that has been unfolding for some time, but it’s all just a little less grizzly, and it taps into a different energy source, so it actually goes somewhere. In fact, this fall looks like that moment in a literal or metaphorical marathon when all the external challenges remain, but inside you everything drops and a different self emerges that is far less resistant and infinitely more focused.

Endurance tests reveal how much internal resistance you bring to anything you do, and how capable you are of breaking through that internal resistance. My most significant endurance tests have come in the form of parenting, leadership, doing physical labor, as a yogi, in meditation, and as a martial artist. Think of your experiences like this! Maybe you have a few literal marathons under your belt, or you can think of other times in your life when you were truly pushed. You thought you simply could not go on, but you did. You worked way past the limits you imposed on yourself, and in the process maybe tapped into “the true you," or the self that is not all that resistance.

I propose that we keep these “marathon stories” handy this fall, so that we can start looking for opportunities to drop our internal resistance.

Unrelatedly, there’s a nice moment that has nothing to do with endurance. October 22, Venus will meet the heart of the Sun in her own sign of Libra. Put this date on the calendar because the good days are always the ones that always slip by unnoticed. Go look at art, get into nature, get your nails done, clean something for a long time, simply notice how well things are going, or otherwise, take a little beauty break.

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