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Learning To Love: Quick Horoscopes for the Full Moon in Libra

Image: The Two Fridas by Frida Kahlo

Full and new Moons–astrologers call these moments when the Sun and Moon conjoin and oppose one another lunations–are a good way to notice the way life has a rhythm. Things begin, culminate, and end. Every new Moon is a beginning, and every full Moon describes a process or a storyline that is coming to a climax, or its fullest expression. The full Moon early Thursday morning is describing a lovely and healing, if not entirely trouble-free, interpersonal climax. The Moon will be in Libra, a sign that describes relating. The ruler of Libra, Venus, is powerfully situated in her other home, earthy and sensual Taurus. And it is happening mere hours after the Sun in Aries meets Chiron, a large asteroid that symbolizes an important spiritual concept–the way we don’t help others by becoming more and more perfect. Rather, we help when we vulnerably share what we have learned through suffering and failure. This is the last lunation before eclipses start April 20th, and this full Moon will absolutely feature some of the difficult-but-ultimately-redemptive themes that we’ll get to know quite intimately over the next many weeks.

You might find that this full Moon reveals something about the way relationships are so deeply necessary, and how they simply do not and will not work the way you want them to. Ever.

You might find that this full Moon redeems a relationship in some way.

You might find yourself overcoming the need to be defensive, overly nostalgic, or otherwise protect yourself against another person’s love.

You might find that this full Moon is all about “failing forward” in an important relationship.

However this full Moon works for you, be sure to take the real gift of it as we move forward into eclipse season. This full Moon is all about showing someone you love who you really are. Not who you are trying to polish yourself into! Not who you wish you were! No! The greatest gift you can give someone this week is to bear your imperfections with grace, and be vulnerable about them.

If you are an Aries rising, all of you, including the pain and suffering, is being reflected back to you by your beloved in a helpful, if not easy to accept, way.

Taurus risings, that thing that’s oppressing you has a fundamentally loving message about how to heal the deepest parts of your soul.

Gemini risings, it’s all about the art. Or the joy. Or the kid. Your relationships will heal themselves if you show up with your priorities intact.

If you are a Cancer rising, you might not want to expose yourself, but you can trust that you have a solid foundation and can reveal your faults publicly.

Leo risings, even if you are feeling inadequate, it’s time to teach what you practice, and trust that what you practice is worth teaching.

If you’re a Virgo rising, you might see clearly what you have, as well as how deeply entangled your resources are with others.

Libra risings, a loving light is shining on you, if you can be vulnerable with your beloved. Lay down all the things you feel you need to do for love, and just be loved.

Scorpio risings, a potentially loving light is going to shine on the depths of your psyche. You might even find that the thing that has been oppressing you might actually be freeing you.

If you are a Sagittarius rising, the audience for your art, or your congregation or sangha, or any other social network needs to see all of your joyful creative process.

Capricorn risings, the healing work you have done with parents or at home will be reflected publicly. Accept this love and positivity, even if it’s at odds with your closest relationships!

Aquarius risings, all the aspects of your spiritual practice reflect your spiritual beliefs. Be vulnerable to the idea that your practice can evolve.

Pisces risings, being vulnerable about what you have, and don’t have, is going to help you understand what you are dependent upon others for.

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