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Mars in Gemini August 20, 2022-March 26, 2023

Mars, a/k/a the God of War, will be entering Gemini on August 20.

Normally this news wouldn’t merit its own post, Mars moves pretty quickly. But this time he will be entering Gemini on August 20, will retrograde there, and will not be leaving until March 26, 2023. Mars sitting in one part of your life shaking everything up for seven months is worth a heads up! But there’s more. You know how I have been a real broken record for the past year and a half about big changes coming to the things that do not want change, and how this change will be painful and incremental and come with plenty of delays? I think Mars in Gemini will describe a tipping point–a gathering of momentum that turns all of those tiny, laborious, incremental steps into more dynamic forces that are moving under their own power.

Mars is your will and action. And in the quick, mutable sign of Gemini it will feel like the opposite of all this one step forward, two steps back that we are all beyond tired of by now, even though it will literally look like it’s moving back and forth. You might experience Mars in Gemini for the next seven months as bursts of rapid analysis! Acting on new information! Decisions Decisions Decisions! And aggressively leveraging networks! Is it going to be easy? Probably not. Mars is strife and violence in addition to action, courage, and drive. Mars moving back and forth over one part of the sky can absolutely describe charging ahead in the wrong direction and having to backtrack once saner heads have prevailed. And it will certainly manifest as three-step processes that require revision and revisiting and feedback. But there are two pieces of straightforwardly good news to share.

First, Mars, which is all about doing something, will be in a helpful relationship to slowing, denying, negating, reality-checking Saturn, and they will finish their time in Gemini and Aquarius, respectively, at roughly the same time. Even if Mars scrubbing back and forth in the part of your life that is represented by Gemini feels rough, that rough patch is helping a much longer process of substantive, long term change.

Second, when Mars finally enters Cancer on March 26, 2023, the larger forces we are working with will be totally different–change will have happened. Saturn will, for the first time in about seven years, have to get its grim agenda met indirectly. Pluto, a/k/a the Lord of the Underworld, will have moved from Capricorn to Aquarius. There will be no more grinding, itchy, this-is-taking-forever Saturn Uranus square. We will be only one eclipse away from the fixed signs finally getting a fucking break. If that was too much astrologese, let me put it this way. We are going to stop feeling like we are living inside a plane that just keeps crashing in slow motion. We will all finally have a chance to get out of the plane and figure out where we actually are.

If you are an Aries rising, this force of deep change is fundamentally about your sense of belonging, but it’s going to come from changing your surroundings, your daily routine, your daily communications, or how you relate to your siblings and extended family.

For Taurus risings, a massive, possibly difficult, reworking of your resources, budget, and bank account is going to force the changes in your career that have been inching along for years.

Gemini risings are in the drivers’ seat! Your core beliefs, rules or legal structures, or perhaps a relationship to a teacher have been evolving slowly, and now you will be ready to truly enact them. It might be a little ugly… but it will be all you!

Cancer rising folks could either feel like you’re not experiencing Mars retrograde at all, or if you are tuned in you could unearth deep psychic material or connect with your own suffering in a way that helps you truly process a significant loss.

If you are a Leo rising, you are on a quest to find your people! Building a new social network or simply pruning an existing one cannot help but shape the way you are getting real about your committed partnerships.

Virgo risings will be in the spotlight or reconsidering a career path, and this might not feel amazing! But it’s the way out of the day to day grind, in which you might feel like you are always in service to others.

If you are a Libra rising, your beliefs will change, or your relationship to the law, travel, or higher education is going to

heat up! Ultimately this is going to help you find your joy, or level up your relationship with your kids.

Scorpio risings might brace for a loss, tax issues, or a windfall that comes with strings attached. This is a force of change that is going to help you make the home or relationship to your family that you need.

Sagittarius risings might find themselves working on their marriages or doing important, if not straightforward, pruning of key work partnerships. This process could help give you the ideal daily routine or the relationships with siblings that you need and have been working toward.

Capricorn risings are going to be working hard for the money.

I know it’s hard to imagine but maybe you Aquarius risings are going to cut loose and just be this new self you’ve been crafting for a few years now in the form of a wild romance, seven months of partying, or a big creative project.

If you are a Pisces rising, you might experience strife at home or with your parents that serves a real purpose. You have been deepening a spiritual practice or getting more formally acquainted with your subconscious for years now. This conflict could really propel that work.

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